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What is Fantasy Cards RT?

Card of Castle Fantasy Cards RT is (probably) the first real time online TCG (Trading Card Game). It is a tcg, you can play online in your browser. Build your own decks and eventually even your own cards. It's, however, not finished yet. This online tcg is still an (alpha version).

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FAQ, Questions & Answers

What's an online tcg?

TCG means trading card game. Another term is ccg, which means customizable or collectible card game. In a tcg/ccg each player builds (customizes) his own deck of cards. Because all players play with other cards, there is a lot of variety in game play. Each card has specific features and abilities you can put to use. You build your deck with a specific strategy and then beat your opponents by tactics on the field.

But why is it called trading card game / online tcg?

Usually each player owns his own collection of cards. In order to get better cards, you trade with other people. There is, however, no trading available in Fantasy Cards RT yet. At the moment you do not even have a collection. But this will change soon.
Since it's an online tcg, you don't play with real cards. It is played online in the browser instead. The good news is, you don't need to download a client first. You can start immediately in your browser. You can even try the game, without signing up first.

When will Fantasy Cards RT be complete?

It will never be complete - in that sense. As an online tcg it is a living project. As long as it is online, there will always be something new.

So, when will it become fully playable?

Fantasy Cards RT is currently alpha. But it will go to beta status, as soon as there are enough features for a full playing experience. Since it is an hobby effort, we can't say exactly when this will happen. You can check back any time. Everything that is ready will instantly go online.